About ACA Law Office

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ACA Law Office was founded by Attorney Alicia Armstrong in Madison, Wisconsin, after maintaining her own traditional brick-and-mortar law firm in Sun Prairie since November of 2013.

In the fall of 2020, Alicia seized on an opportunity to redesign our business. The realities of "pandemic life" prompted us to radically change the structure of legal practice, as a better way to do business and meet our client's needs. She opened ACA Law Office in October 2020.

This new business model reflects the future of law practice - where virtual services allow clients greater access, better quality, and lower cost representation than you will find at most traditional law firms. 

Photo of Alicia courtesy of Madison's Capital Times,
interview on Feb. 25, 2018. Read more here.

Our Mission

Our work promotes important immigration policies like family unity, innovation, and humanitarian causes. We understand that sensible immigration fortifies our communities with diversity, keeping families together, allowing people from all over the world to unite and share their unique experiences, to accelerate economic progress. Successful immigration programs bend the arc of humanity to thrive toward harmony and justice.

We hold this mission dear with a business model that improves overall access to quality U.S. immigration attorneys that are passionate, competent, and affordable. 



We are committed to providing well-rounded client representation that is tailored to fit your needs!